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Charity Drive

Charityworks evolved from the Greater Victoria Bingo Association when the Community Gaming Branch shifted from a direct access model of funding to the current application process. This shift improved the equity of the program but created new challenges for the tens of thousands of non-profits and charities in British Columbia.

The Gaming Branch created a network of Community Charitable Gaming Associations, including Charityworks in the Capital Region, to support organizations as they learned the new application process. Since inception we’ve provided countless workshops and helped hundred of organizations polish their applications, navigate the reporting requirements, and submit reconsideration requests.

Giving a Presentation


Our workshops do a deep dive into the Gaming Grant guidelines, application, Gaming Account Summary Report, and reconsideration process. If you don’t know where to start, start here!

The new 2023 Community Gaming Grant Program Guidelines are out!

Click here to download them.


Maybe you’re brand new to your organization. Or maybe your organization’s long-term treasurer just retired. Perhaps you just think the Gaming Grant application is a hot mess. Whatever your struggle, we have the experience and resources to get you on track.

Work Interview
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